450th Anniversary of Xavier's Arrival in Japan

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Japan-Portuguese Contacts Chronology of Portugal-Japan Relations
Excellent historical outline, dating from 1498 to 1999, of Portuguese contacts with the East, especially with India and Japan. About six fascinating images.

St. Francis Xavier  Memorial

  Association St. Francis Xavier Memorial Association
Several articles and photos related to the 450th anniversary celebrations in Kagoshima

Conclusion of 450th Anniversary of Japan's First Evangelization

VATICAN CITY, OCT 6 (ZENIT).- St. Francis Xavier's memorable missionary epic, which took Christ's message to Japan in the second half of the 16th century, was evoked by the Holy Father in a letter sent to U.S. Cardinal Edmund Szoka, who he named special envoy to the closing celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the first evangelization of that Asian country, scheduled for October 11 in Kagoshima.

Francis Xavier arrived in this southwestern city from India and other territories, on August 15, 1548, accompanied, as the Pontiff recalls in this letter written in Latin, by the first Japanese to be baptized -- Yajiro, a refugee who converted and who helped St. Francis in his missionary undertaking.

John Paul II rejoices with all the Catholic community in Japan, which at present numbers some 450,000 faithful, on this significant anniversary, as well as over the numerous initiatives organized to commemorate St. Francis Xavier. The Pontiff also sent special greetings to the followers of other religions in Japan.


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WallPaper: Embossed image of "Xavier preaching in Kagoshima" by Yugo Akuzawa, Nagasaki, 1972

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