You will be explained what kind of treatment or surgery you will receive at the hospital or why you will be charged an unexpected extra fee. In some cases, it is difficult to decipher the intent of a consent form written in a foreign language. But it's hard to understand the intentions of instructions written in a foreign language, especially when you are sick. Even more so if you are not feeling well. With this tool, you can read the instructions in your native language, so you can receive treatment with confidence.


This English translation has been prepared under the supervision of doctors, legal experts or others. When any difference ininterpretation arises because of a nuanced difference in related languages or systems, the Japanese original shall be givenpriority.
Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website
出典:厚生労働省ホームページ 外国人向け多言語説明資料一覧より作成
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